Sunday, 30 March 2014

[Cocktail 101] Mojitos!

Hi there! I'm back. You know the feeling when you've worked hard for quite some time and you didn't take time for the hobby you need in your life and then you come back and you're like: I need a mojito. But then you're like: I have no idea how to make a mojito. 

Well, no worries! You're in for a treat, cause last night I was at that place in my life and I learned how to make a very drinkable, unfortunately just semi-presentable (but really drinkable, hey!) mojito! And now I shall pass my knowledge to you. You're welcome.

So the most complicated part of it all is actually obtaining this little beauty right here (which I actually ended up finding in a big supermarket at the mall so...not that complicated after all):

Hi, it my pretty little mint tree. <3

You're also gonna have to buy these:

No, not bananas, you dummy (tricky photo ay?). The limes will do.

Lastly, you'll need some sugar (I used the unrefined organic kind, oh yeah, getting healthy right here), some mineral water, and your all time favorite: the white rhum.

The procedure is really simple. Here I'm showing you, how to begin with step 1:

Spatula in a glass.

The trick is to put 1/2 lime (sliced), 1 tbs sugar and 1 mint leaf into a glass (if you're classy enough - like me, put them in a wine glass (real reason I put stuff in a wine glass: I don't own any regular glasses) and just crush it as much as you can with your spatula. You want the lime to release juice and the mint to emit its essential oils.

Once you've done that, you just mix 40 mL of rhum, 40 mL of mineral water and 40 mL of ice cubes and pour them in the glass!

And that's it! Oh yeah, you can get all fancy and garnish your glass with a slice of lime... I just couldn't be bothered (it's been a rough week, don't judge me).


Wow, already gettin a bit tipsy right there, are ya?


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