Sunday, 17 November 2013

[Review] Apple Toffee Pudding Cookies

My chewy pudding cookies

There is a tradition (at least in France, where I lost my official 'clinical rotation virginity') that every time a student ends his clinical practice in a hospital/with a GP, he prepares any kind of home-made baked goods and brings it to work on the very last day, to thank the mentor/s and all the other staff who helped him train to become the perfect doctor for the last couple of weeks. (In France, this seemingly very polite action is mostly driven by the subtext of making the very last effort in convincing your mentor to give you a good mark for your work).

In my case, the baking actually wasn't driven by the above mentioned purposes, cause I had already obtained the assessment from the doctor a couple of days earlier. I genuinely wanted to make something nice for the team, since they treated me very nicely through the whole six weeks I spent there and I sure learned a lot from them.

It was wednesday and the next day was due date. I was pondering whether to make something that I had already made a million times and I knew it would be a winner... or to make something new. I do already have some experience in baking, I said to myself, and most of the things turn out pretty good (so good, that I can literally eat half of the plate of brownies I made in a day (but seriously, has anyone ever in a lifetime made brownies that weren't good?)). Not to mention that my Pinterest Desserts Board is getting bigger and bigger and I cannot take it any longer just looking at the beautiful photos of those yummy loooking treats. So I decided I'd make these:

The original recipe

(Go and check them out at Crazy for Crust.)

The recipe seemed easy, nothing special. However, it does require a pudding mix, which isn't the most common of ingredients, I though, but OK. Nothing wrong there. Appart from the fact that in the instructions it says 'add the pudding package' while I, for a reason that I now cannot seem to comprehend, added the Pudding. Yes, I made the pudding (with a whole lot of milk) and added that. I've made chocolate chip cookies before, so this time, when the mixure was all liquidy, it did appear somewhat strange to me, but I continued. I just thought that since these are the Pudding cookies, I guess it's OK they're all pudding-like. I put them in the oven and after 10 minutes (they were supposed to be done in 10 minutes), they looked very unhealthily underbaked. So I waited... and waited. At 18 minutes I got frustrated and put them out. Maybe when they chill for a while, they will get that cookie texture they're supposed to have... Nothing. I tried them and they were actually quite delicious (you can't go wrong with Toffee bits - see photo), but the texture just stayed odd. 

I even made the Toffee myself, but that doesn't save you from screwing up the rest of the recipe.

They were chewy, seeemed underbaked and had this funny wet appearance. But other than that, the cookies turned out tasty and even after eating quite a lot of them (I really couldn't bring them to the GP, they were just too inappropriate-looking) I did not suffer any stomach ache whatsoever.

My overall opinion (that is of course considering you do it in my 'pudding all the way' way): 3.7/5

Since the taste was so good and they consist of apples, which I have a bunch at the moment, I might try and make them again - this time (hopefully) correctly.


  1. Sorry they didn't turn out! If you add the pudding dry, not made, they'll work out fab next time!

    1. I guess I had to learn the hard way. I'm definitely making these again so thanks for the recipe!