Sunday, 17 November 2013

[Amateur Hour] DIY gem sweaters

After watching dozens of different Youtube/blog DIY gem sweater tutorials I finally decided to put my mom's old sweaters to a better use (you cannot really ruin an otherwise totally non-wearable sweater which is just a second away to be buried in the Clothes Cemetery).

What you need: 1. An old sweater.
2. Gems.
3. Gem glue.
I made quite a lot of these and all you really need is some old sweaters, some gems and a special glue for the gems.

Firstly, I positioned all the gems on top of the sweater in the form of an owl (of all of the animal trends going on, I find the owl to be the cutest), just to get a general idea of where all the thingies should be placed and how many of the bigger or smaller stones I'm gonna need.

There gems are not glued yet! (I hope your eyes will forgive me for all the shininess emerging from this photo.)

After that I just glued every piece in its arranged space... et voila!

The final product.

And here are some others that I made:

Green sweater with triangle-shaped square gems.
Bordeaux sweater with a gem collar.

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