Monday, 13 January 2014

[Amateur Hour] DIY Statement Necklace and Bracelet

Hiiiii! I have been struggling with an obsession with 'gem DIY-ing' for quite some time now. I have put them literally everywhere. I can't even describe how bad it has gotten. Well, I don't care. I've done it again. Let's have a look, shall we?

This is the statement bracelet I've managed to create:

The bracelet.

And this is the statement necklace:

Heavily contemplating if my gems obsession will ever come to an end...

Yes, they are the same. Why, you ask? Cause initially I was trying to make a collar necklace, but I just wasn't liking the result. No matter how I've tried to style it, I just wasn't feeling it. So I cut it in halves, and I much prefer it this way. 

What is this I don't even... no, thanks!

Let me take you through a quick photo procedure:

My work area.
 For the fabric I cut a sleeve of a very old white jacket from my mom that she told me to throw away. Then, the gluing began...

First, I just glued the gems around the lower edge. I had no idea of what I was trying to make.

A plain blue ribbon.
The collar seemed kind of plain so I added a blue ribbon on top. I just glued it with some fabric glue. 

The straps.
As for the straps, I went with these small white straps, that help the T-shirts be properly hanged in stores... I have no idea how to describe them in another way or what they are officially called. The thing is, I always cut them off after I buy a shirt cause I just find them totally useless in my closet. But they can come in handy when you're DIY-ing!

Lastly I just put a mixure of light blue, light violet and green gems in the middle of the fabric.

Et voila!

End result.

Till' next time! Bisous

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