Monday, 6 January 2014

[Tea Time] Lemon balm tea

A part of my tea collection are these three tea containers.
I've posted so many food related blogposts lately, that I know you've all started worrying if I'm not suffering from dehydration already. Well I might have. But not today! Cause you know what we're drinking this fine evening? Let's have a look inside...

You've guessed it! It's Melissa! Well at least that's how we call it in Slovenia. But my dear friend Wiki tells me it goes by the name of lemon balm or balm or balm mint ("and not to be confused with bee balm") in the English speaking community.

I've prepared my teaset while waiting for the water to boil... gettin' excited!

Why did I chose Melissa officinalis?
Cause it is supposed to calm you down. And don't we all need a bit of calmness in our lives on a late Monday evening? (Yes we do.) It reduces oxidative stress and the levels of thyroid hormones in your body (e.i. make you calm). But most importantly, it has a soft and gentle taste and smells really light and healthy (yes, that is a totally legit adjective to describe its smell).

You can just feel the softness of the lemon balm tea from the photo by its light color.

Oh and also, I have this beauty living in my home.

Disclaimer: The plant in the photo was not used for drinking purposes. (At least not today.)

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